Rodzina Soprano
Kills: 586
Chill Mode
Kills: 260
Los Petardos Santos
Kills: 32


Today we have something that many of you waited so long - changelog!
Changelog is available in 2 languages PL and ENG.
You can check it here

Please also check updated tutorials on hp/chakra gain, it's not some revolution but it can matter in PvP.

By the way, who remembers "search and find" events doing by GM?
Now there will be appearing boxes in villages automaticly and sometimes GMs will also create this event for you.
[Image: searchandfind.jpg]

2. Clients will be available to download Today evening.

We wish you nice wars on this edition and we hope you can have a lot of fun from playing on our server.

It's only 1 day until start!


Jacolos - 02-03-2018, 13:20

quick update:

1) here is our the newest trailer of LoS:

2) Check our fanpage there is lottery
3x PACC to win!

3) Full changelog will be released on Friday

Jacolos - 27-02-2018, 20:33

as always TOP 5 players have been rewarded:

Top 1: Puff - 3k premium points + 30 PACC
Top 2: iBoomek - 2k premium points + 30 PACC
Top 3: Obito Kawa - 1k premium points + 30 PACC
Top 4: Umyslowy gracz: 30 PACC
Top 5: Antoni: 30 PACC


Another congratulations are for Guild: "uMadBro", we can say that they ruled on last edition. They had nice strategy which gave them advantage over other guilds. Good job!

In 6 days LoS v4.0 will be up!
This will be the time for settle things with each other once again!
Server will be fresh with 2 clients.
Although botting while you are on PC observing your character is not forbidden, we are still promoting playing without any help of 3rd party program.
OTclient will help you play without bot. Exp from monsters will be incrested by 20% comparing to old client.
Thanks to OTClient you will also see chakra of all players and your screen will see more tiles.
We also added 2 types of daily missions, so your leveling will be easier and should give you more fun.

This week we will release trailer of v4.0 so stay tuned!


Jacolos - 25-02-2018, 17:56

[Image: updateinfov4.png]
We had many questions and thoughts about the future edition, how gameplay should looks like and witch way we want to expand our server.
We took into account your comments on the forum and technical matters.
On this edition we are going to release two types of Clients: Normal and OT Client.
Thanks to the second one, we have much greater opportunities for functional and visual development, which is why we plan to support it in the greater part.
As for the game itself there are several main points that will be or are already changed.
  • Like you can see, we have already refresh our website.
  • Balancing the transformation so that there are no such big differences between them.
  • Adding Daily Tasks (currently we have 58 of them at different levels).
  • Correction of missions and sagas.
  • Balancing War Saga.
  • Change of some outfits and ambient graphics.
  • Addition of automated events and a system of event points.
  • As for the bot, everything stays the same as it was at the last edition, which is allowed but you cannot be away from keyboard.

Your suggestions or comments are still welcome on the forum.
The start of the edition will take place on March 3 at 18:00 [PL Time]

Zwir - 06-02-2018, 13:46

[Image: xmas.png]

Z powodu małej ilości graczy serwer zostanie zamknięty na początku stycznia.

Kolejny raz postaramy się przygotować nową edycje, weźmiemy wasze uwagi do siebie na temat tego co popsuło wam grę na tej edycji i przewidujemy ponowny start na drugą połowę lutego.

Z okazji okresu w którym się znajdujemy, życzymy wam wszystkim wesołych świąt i szczęśliwego nowego roku! Smile


PS. W dziale dyskusje można się wypowiadać na temat kolejnej edycji, czego po niej oczekujecie, co byście chcieli by zostało dodane, co zmienione, a co usunięte.

Jacolos - 21-12-2017, 18:44

Level: 642 Ninjutsu: 122
Level: 619 Ninjutsu: 119
Czuux Fan Boy
Level: 600 Ninjutsu: 118
Bad Boy
Level: 600 Ninjutsu: 115
Level: 593 Ninjutsu: 114